Rolling Stock


Coach Rehabilitation
D&U’s three car coach fleet is 100 years old, having been built before WW1 as Pennsylvania RR MP-54 commuter cars.  On property since the early days of the D&U, these cars have served many long years but all need to be rehabilitated after 25 years of harsh off-season weather and heavy use.  Volunteer car and locomotive restoration foreman Joe Marsh and his team have begin to develop a comprehensive scope of work on a per car basis that includes installation of restroom facilities and an under-floor generator to provide on board power.  After the assessments are completed, one of the three cars will be selected by the D&U as the priority and a work day schedule will quickly follow.  Joe is finishing up other commitments so he can dedicate time to this project, and has estimated approximately 2000-3000 man hours will be required per car.  D&U has gone to great lengths to equip its machine shop to handle these repairs and Joe’s team will have access to the best tools and materials to get their work done.  With indoor facilities available, volunteers can work year round in relative comfort.   The photo above shows coach 447, who’s seats have been removed for an interior inspection after a minor structural problem sidelined the car in 2012.  This is the only coach not presently in regular service.



N5 Caboose Conversion for Passenger Service
As part of D&U’s tourist train enhancement project, this N5 steel caboose will be overhauled and refurbished to accommodate passengers riding inside, in the cupola (who doesn’t want to ride up there?) and to provide safe passage when crossing to the next car in the train.  This project will get underway only when the car restoration team’s ranks swell a bit, so please volunteer and help us get the tourist train in world class condition so we can qualify for additional project funding and grow ridership!

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