Track Projects

Track Restoration / Arkville-Fleischmanns-Highmount

Getting the track between Arkville and Highmount back in service by opening day 2014, is critical to long term survival of this section of the former U&D rail corridor, and its completion on schedule could have beneficial downstream impact regarding the preservation and restoration of Pine Hill’s famous Horseshoe Curves and even track further east.

To this end, about 800 volunteer worker hours of brush cutting and spike pulling labor are needed to prepare the seven miles of track between Arkville and Highmount for tie replacement, as the D&U gets set to fire up this presently out-of-service portion of line to Highmount for passenger trains in 2014.   As of present, approximately 375 hours have already been contributed by a volunteer community led by Joe Marsh, George Cook and others, but we must step up efforts now to complete the job before the line is buried under snow in order to keep this highly strategic project on schedule – a schedule set to insure the D&U is able to use its Highmount facility for many years to come.

highmount restoration

the map shows the plan for an ability to run work trains over the line to Highmount – a challenge met slightly ahead of schedule when a locomotive arrived at Highmount on October 3, the first in almost a decade.

mish camera download 10-3-13 011

locomotive 5017 was the first full size railroad visitor to Highmount in nearly a decade. the photo above shows it having just stopped from its trip up the line from Arkville as Senior Conductor Heather Wright (who with CMO Vic Stevens at the throttle, was in charge of the movement) is in the process of climbing off the 130 ton locomotive. 


the only truss bridge on the D&U will again see train traffic once the track to Highmount is ready for passenger trains.

Track Reconditioning / Roxbury to Arkville
Volunteer Track Project Foreman George Cook and his team have begun an end to end inspection of D&U’s 20 miles of railroad track in preparation for rail joint rehabilitation on all eleven miles between Arkville and Roxbury.  At present, George is finding about 30 loose bolts per mile, all of which will be removed and replaced.  Most of the track already meets class 2 FRA standards, and all currently meets class 1.

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