Society volunteers finish the track car set off track at Roxbury Depot using tools and materials supplied by D&U in fall of 2012. To the left of the Society’s track car stand Volunteer Program locomotive and car restoration foreman, Joe Marsh and his wife Marie, and next to them are Volunteer Program track foreman George Cook and his dog Cinder. George and Joe were chosen as Volunteer Program foremen for their expertise and track record (no pun intended) and co-manage rehabilitation and restoration efforts with their paid full time counterparts, Vic Stevens, D&U’s Chief Mechanical Officer and Ted Lata, D&U Track Superintendent, respectively)

Volunteer Program Goals

The joint UDRRHS/D&U Volunteer Program was started to leverage D&U’s incredible set of historic rail assets to allow the railroad to work faster toward a goal of self sufficneicy, greater regional value as a tourism magnate, and insure the 20 miles of railroad stays just that over the long haul.  While CRC’s 45 miles of right-of-way are perpetually secure, only the help of volunteers will guarantee the long term staying power of the railroad, an increasingly cost prohibitive proposition without a conversion from an all-paid staff model.

The RR has gone to great lengths to insure that volunteers are welcome and well utilized for their individual talents and expertise – with the programs dual goals of benefiting Delaware County and the railroad itself, and providing the best outlet for the many different railfan interests among the volunteer pool.

The on boarding process for new volunteers is as simple as join UDRRHS and show up for a scheduled work party.  See the ‘Schedule’ tab for a list of upcoming volunteer work day and other events, and visit the “Updates’ tab for a look into the progress as it unfolds.

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