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Malcolm Hughes
Joe Marsh

Repair speeder to operating condition
1. Ignition switch replacement
2. install electric fuel pump
3. Temporary brake repair, New brakes are back ordered

We met at Roxbury depot at 2:00 and proceeded to install the electric fuel pump. We had determined the last work day that forcing gas to the engine would let the engine start and run on that gas but once it was used up it quit. Blowing in the tank would getting it going again but it would soon run out.

Doug O. had noticed that by jiggling the ignition switch you could also make the engine quit. Nice catch Doug ! So after measuring the on resistance we found it was really high sometimes, so we tried to repair the switch but we were unable to make it contact reliably. So Mal and I took a trip to the auto parts store and got another switch and replaced it.

We now changed our focus to applying a new pin to the right side brake insulator that we had replaced the last work day (7/7). Next we adjusted the left side brakes until both side contacted evenly. Our speeder now stops the car from all movement in the first brake notch as required.

Around 6:30 we did a short test drive and declared the car back in service. When the new brake shoes and insulator blocks come in we will do the final brake repair.

If anyone is interested in coming during the week please let me know.

Many hands make light work and we can really use the help !

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