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Al Favaro

Joe Marsh

Doug Odell Sr


Replacing west end siding switch with straight through track. ( spike and plate remaining ties on both rails  )



We met at Fleischmanns at 10:00 AM and after our brief safety and planning meeting we proceeded to drill and spike all the remaining ties on the south rail. Things went very smoothly and with the use of the new spike gun we had finished the south rail in no time. Not sure which I like best, the new compressor or the new spike gun, they are both GREAT !

The next step was to do the same to the north rail starting on the east end and heading west. This took a bit longer because we had to check gauge as we went along and in a few place we needed some help from the backhoe to give a little shove or pull to keep the gauge tight. We got about half way through the North rail and it was time for lunch.

After lunch we continued along the north rail heading west until all the ties were spiked. By now we were very wet having worked through two rain storms !  It was time to check and tighten alll the bolts on the joints one last time and clean up our work area a bit.

Around 3:30 we had completed this track segment and it is now ready for stone blast. So we put Old Yeller back on the siding so it will be ready when we go back to changing ties out next month or when it cools down a bit.

The spray truck will be spraying tomorrow and the NARCOA meet will be this coming weekend July 11-13.

If anyone is interested in coming during the week please let me know.

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