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George Cook
Al Favaro
Tom Healy
Joe Marsh
Doug Odell Sr

Replacing west end siding switch with straight through track. ( place and bolt north rail, spike both rails )

We met at Fleischmanns at 10:00 AM and proceeded to finish cutting the good section of the damaged rail. After our brief safety and planning meeting we decided to measure the rail opening again, since it was such a cool day ( 64 F), in hopes of getting the full rail installed. The opening was still too small but only by 1/4 inch, so we decided to go for it. Using the backhoe to push the rail both east and west, and with some muscle power and long bars, we got it in and bolted up !

The next step was to lift the ties on the west end where we were a little deep so they could be safely spiked. We then proceeded to spike the south rail from the west end going east. Upon reaching the first rail joint it was time for a very needed late lunch.

After lunch we changed our strategy from spiking every tie, to spiking every fourth tie, and all the joints in order to get the track in passable condition by the end of the day. As our compressor hose length was reached working east we came back and started gauging and spiking the north rail.

Around 5:00 we reached the east end with both rails spiked using the 1 in 4 strategy. With the threat of our families disowning us for missing the fireworks we picked up, put old yellow and the flatcars on the siding and headed home.

I would like to thank Doug Kadow for coming by and giving us moral support.

Next work day, Monday, we will continue spiking to increase the track strength for the spray truck that is coming on Tuesday.

If anyone is interested in coming during the week please let me know.

Many hands make light work and we can really use the help !

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