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June 28, 2014

Al Favaro
Tom Healy
Joe Marsh

Replacing West end siding switch with straight through track. ( repair tie layout, place and bolt rail, and plate )


We met at Fleischmanns at 10:00 AM and saw that the storm during the week had brought down a tree that landed across the ties we had placed on our newly graded road bed.

Unfortunately, we had a small turnout of volunteers and no chain saw ! So after a short safety and planning briefing we decided to move the fallen tree with the backhoe. Two weeks before we had taken the backhoe on the south side  of the track to retrieve switch components. However, now we had all our laid out ties in the way and the ground was very soft from the storm. After removing the fallen tree, trying not to disturb the laid out ties, I got the backhoe stuck in the soft ditch. So I was forced to do a crab walk out of the ditch, with a lot of direction from Tom and Al. Our nicely laid out ties and grading from last week’s work day looked like an earthquake had struck. With the backhoe freed and the tree gone we spent the rest of the morning grading and relaying out the ties.

After lunch we lowered the ties that Ted had concerns about being too high and continued to place rail on the south side. We bolted up three pieces of 33 foot 105 D that fit like a glove. With some careful aligning by Tom’s eye the profile came out GREAT. I even think I heard some singing as we were aligning the rail. We then proceeded to lay out plates on the south side and recheck our tie placement.

Worn out from the earthquake repair and putting the south rail together, we placed our last remaining full 33 foot rail on the north side and called it a day at around 6:00 PM.

I would like to thank Lou Wasserman ( 90 years old ) from Fleischmanns for coming and giving us moral support. Thanks Lou!

Next work day we will have to take three pieces of full length rail from the west end of the siding to complete the north rail as well as remove the half rail from the west end of the main line.

If anyone is interested in coming during the week please let me know. We are planning additional work days for Wed and Fri this week in an attempt to open the track for the NARCOA meet on July 11.

Many hands make light work and we can really use the help!

Track_Bolting Rail_move


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