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June 21st, 2014

June 21,2014

Dave Baker
Al Favaro
Tom Healy
Joe Marsh
Doug Odell Sr

Replacing West end siding switch with straight through track. ( Grading and Tie layout )

We met at Fleischmanns at 10:00 AM and set the track car on so we could bring ties down to the work site from the tie staging area near the freight house.After a short safety and planning briefing we got to it and started loading our first cart of ties with the backhoe. With the cart loaded we head to the West end of the siding to continue grading the road bed to get ready for the  ties. Doug Odell Sr took control of the backhoe having the most experience grading with a machine. Al and Tom directed Doug as to how and where to cut and level the road bed, as well as final follow up with rakes. Dave and Joe proceeded to lower and level the previously placed ties as per the D&U track crew’s request. As things worked out,
both grading and adjusting the previous ties finished up about lunch time.

Having lunch we started bringing ties down from the storage area and placing them. It was like a relay race !  As the last tie was being placed new ties would arrive. I tried to get folks to take a break about mid afternoon but they just wanted to keep going. Somewhere around 5:30 we placed the last tie. So this motivated group just couldn’t stop and we placed two rail lengths on the South side, took some pictures and called it a day.

Check out Tom Healy’s and Dave Baker’s facebook pages for great additional pictures and comments.

Next Saturday we will place the rest of the rail, bolt it together and spike it down so it will be ready for ballast.




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