D&U rolled out their whole fleet for a UDRRHS corridor celebration day with three locomotives, ten cars and two trains headed for Roxbury.


We Need Your Help!

Catskill Revitalization Corporation, the not-for-profit parent of Delaware & Ulster Railroad and the Catskill Scenic Trail desperately needs your help to fulfill its incredibly challenging but surmountable mission (with your help, that is). Preserving and leveraging the historic rail assets along its 45 mile linear park, the CRC owns and maintains the longest preserved contiguous section of the fabled Catskill Mountain Branch of the New York Central (and its predecessor, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad). After 30 years of success and expansion, a changing tourism market and global economic downturn have conspired to put the modern day D&U railroad at risk, which is a significant concern to both all of Delaware County, New York and rail preservationists everywhere, or should be. The D&U is Delaware County’s largest and most strategically located tourist attraction in a county that ranks second on the State’s most impoverished list. As a railroad, it’s among the most holistically efficient forms of driving tourist magnetism and leveraging aggregate value from its corridor’s components and communities, and Delaware County’s people and officials feel the same way, but funding sources are being cut back and growing impatient for results, while ticket sales drop and Delaware County waits to see if rail preservationists will step up like they have elsewhere to make an operating railroad viable over the longer term (the CRC corridor itself is perpetually contiguously secure however) After careful study of all the facts and options, Catskill Revitalization’s Executive Director Dave Riordan approached its partner, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society, representing the rail preservation movement across the Catskill and Mid-Hudson regions with an urgent request for volunteer labor to help his organization change direction and its ability to insure permanence of the D&U railroad on CRC’s perpetually secured right-of-way. Your help will enable the CRC to shift away from an all-paid staffing model to that of a more if never fully volunteer model that increases funding opportunity eligibility and expansion opportunity. D&U welcomes volunteers with open arms, and we hold volunteer work days most weekends – check the calendar on this site for more information.   If you aren’t able to volunteer, then please help those who can to get aboard by sending a check for $22 or more to “volunteer fund”, c/o Ulster & Delaware RR Historical Society, 101 Bridge St., Roxbury NY, 12474. However if you are able to volunteer, please know that for insurance reasons, all volunteers are required to be members of the Ulster & Delaware Historical Society, so you can click the link below and sign up. Membership is $70 per year, and there are a limited number of ‘scholarships’ (year memberships) available to folks who cannot afford the annual dues to get them on board as volunteers. Visit http://www.udrrhs.org/acrobat/app.pdf to sign up for UDRRHS membership, and visit the projects, events and progress pages via the tabs at the top of this page. We will be posting weekly updates on the track, coach and operating volunteer teams already at work on this site, and look forward to your forward involvement.

Catskill Revitalization Corporation



Catskill Revitalization Corporation, was organized for charitable and educational purposes, including; to rehabilitate all or a portion of the right-of-way of the former Catskill Mountain Branch Railroad Line for the purpose of:

  • operating a recreational rail ride
  • educating the public about the significance of the corridor
  • providing recreational facilities along the right of way
  • combating community deterioration through the revitalization of blighted areas by developing commerce, industry and tourism
  • preserving and promoting the environmental quality of the corridor
  • cooperating with and assisting other organizations to achieve the foregoing purposes.



DELAWARE & ULSTER CRC owns, operates and maintains a major tourist attraction called the Delaware & Ulster Railroad. The operation of this 26 mile scenic rail ride enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors by providing jobs, training, leadership opportunities and educational insight about the significance of the railroad era in the development of the region. CATSKILL SCENIC TRAIL CRC owns, operates and maintains a 45-mile linear park. The property passes through two counties and seven towns. It connects with hundreds of miles of trails in other systems. Twenty-six miles are used as a four-season recreational facility known as the Catskill Scenic Trail. It is primarily used by hikers, bicycle riders, cross-country skiers, equestrians and snowmobile riders.

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